Snowbird cardigan unexpectedly wearable in late May

I started Heidi Kirrmaier’s Snowbird cardigan (ravelry link) in March, never thinking that I’d be able to wear it upon completion. But Oregon’s been extra rainy and extra cold this year (we had the heat on last week! terrible!) and so I’m wearing my finished cardigan to work today. I love it. It’s just what I wanted, and I’m so glad that I redid the sleeves.

It’s not as long as the pattern calls for, and there aren’t any pockets, but I ran out of yarn and I think in the end…I like it shorter and simpler. The pattern is very good – I would purchase more from this designer. I did a lot of edits since I started with thinner yarn that required smaller needles. I plan to make another cardigan with gray yarn, only this time I’ll use thicker weight so it’ll knit up faster.

snowbird cardigan FINISHEd!!


it's shorter and pocketless compared to the pattern


seam detailing

This cardigan should be useful in Boston. We finally broke the news to Samson that we’re moving to colder country. He took it pretty hard…insisting that we practice a bedtime routine that allows for maximum bed-heat-retention.

Sam has two epic fears ruling his life: hunger and being cold



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  2. molivermade · June 9, 2010

    Like the sweater. It looks comfy. For the heavier Boston edition get extra yarn to make fingerless gloves.

    • foxflat · June 12, 2010

      That is a great idea, molivermade! I love it. Do you have any suggestions for tweed-like yarn, especially in gray?

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