Snowbird progress

I’ve been working away at the Snowbird cardigan, which involves a little bit of guesswork since I am using a smaller needle (5) than the pattern recommends. The raglan top-down construction is great though. I appreciate how it allows for making adjustments along the way.

Adjustments like….ripping out the whole sleeve. Ack, I don’t want to, but I think it needs to happen. I did that dumb thing where you keep going – all the while telling yourself “it’ll be fiiiine” – only to get to the end and realize that the self-deception isn’t going to pan out. I sat in my living room last night, wearing the sweater and holding the sleeve shut, and all I could think was, this baggy sleeve is going to bug me every time I wear this.

snowbird cardigan, WIP


So I’m fixing it. Starting with ripping it out on my lunch break. The good news is that the narrower sleeve will knit up faster 🙂

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