Hipster Puppies

Samson is a study of contradictions. He is fat but quick, old yet oft-mistaken for a puppy, and while he has a refined taste in classical music and fine wines, he gorges on nasty, soggy, rotten compost like nobody’s business.

Sam’s take on the topic of hipsters is, therefore, predictably confusing. He tells me that his continual checking of a blog called hipster puppies is all because he is so over that scene. However I suspect he secretly pines away for a hip pup girlfriend who wears ironic, geeky glasses and whose favorite band is one you’ve never heard of.

I submitted a photo of Sam in the midst of his morning mockery and the blog author chose to use it to advertise a call for photo submissions for an upcoming book. Sam is claiming he despises the fame – almost as much as he despises hipsters – but if he gets a few phone numbers out of this he might change his tune.

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One comment

  1. Sally Godard · April 20, 2010

    Sultry Samson is a shoe-in! I’ll give him MY number!

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