Yesterday my friends and I drove to Portland so I could get my dress fitted. I chose Tatyana’s Wedding Alterations after a quick google search. Wedding services tend to bring out the extreme emotions in folks – for most vendors there are reviews that gush and reviews that hate – but everyone loved this woman. After standing in front of a big mirror in her house for 30 minutes while she worked the straight pins, I’m a fan too. I could see the dress’s new outlines start to emerge like magic.

Tatyana wasn’t much interested in small talk (I got told multiple times to “stand STILL and face FORWARD”) but we did learn that she grew up in Russia and the Ukraine. Her mom pushed hard for her to pursue piano, but since childhood she wanted to be a seamstress. After attending a special school for sewing she got into the alterations business, where she’s been perfecting her craft for almost 30 years.

My friend Becca took that pic with her iphone and a $1.99 app called Hipstamatic. We both read the blog Dooce, which is where we first saw this app in action. It *is* pretty cool! Just look what it does with a sidewalk, my tired pink shoes, and some old petals…WHOAAaa. Makes me want an iphone.

hipstamatic iphone app in action



  1. molivermade · April 19, 2010

    There’s an app for that
    when I wrote about and saw these apps…I want an iphone or at least an itouch.
    The sidewalk looks cool.

    • foxflat · April 20, 2010

      Love it! I want the one that tells you what size needle you’re looking at. I have all of these random needles from the thrift store that are unmarked. I’m constantly holding them up to the marked ones.

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