time time time

the “finished project” statement is always a hard one for me… i tend to have to just tell myself to stop at some point with a piece of work. i finally said ‘done’ with the birds and buttons a couple of weeks ago. here is the ‘finished’ product:

the dial is from a water meter my dad found at the local junk yard

button branches

button cluster

i have been reflecting on time, longing and patience for as far back as i can remember. i would love any feedback!

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  2. foxflat · April 3, 2010

    Bethany – I only wish I could see the updates in person! The meter really adds something…
    How did you get the white circle so built up? What’s it made of?
    – katie

    • bethany · April 14, 2010

      the white circle is just elmers glue… one layer and at a time. love me some layers!! one of these days i will have a REAL show. you must know that my newest love is … shoe polish!

  3. Eric Stoller · April 3, 2010

    I love the dial! Steampunk meets the Audubon Society 🙂
    Do you have a full size image of the piece? It’s very pretty. Where did you get all of the buttons?

    • bethany · April 14, 2010

      good suggestion… i’ll post a pic of it hanging (once i figure out where i want it). the buttons i picked up at an estate sale – a cigar box full.

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