Where do YOU take your knitting??

Last night I watched a commercial where an iphone-owner bragged that he didn’t mind being put on hold anymore because the iphone lets him simultaneously pay bills, watch videos, and play games. It made me think of how when I graduated from high school everyone gave me calling cards for presents so that I could call home from the dorm phones for free. Then I felt old.

One day I’m going to walk into the cellphone store and there won’t be any phones that just call people anymore…which will be okay. I guess it will provide me with additional ways to occupy myself when put on hold. Or waiting for the doctor. Or sitting on a long flight. For now my go-to time-occupier is knitting. Seriously, you can take it anywhere.

For instance, last weekend my friend Emily invited me cross-country skiing in the Oregon mountains. I haven’t been skiing since I was a kid in Ohio, where it was very flat and very cold. I remember that it sometimes involved blisters and very tangled falls, but was fun. So off we went, and wow what a day. Blue skies! Mountains! Sunshine!

Hoodoo ski area in Oregon

A couple miles in and I was feeling the burn. Turns out a “flat” trail in Oregon means “full of little hills” if you’re used to the glacier-flattened landscapes of Ohio. And going downhill kept resulting in wipeouts. Emily and her friend spotted a monstrous hill to the right and got all excited about taking a detour to go up and down it. I respectfully declined, sat down on the backpack to wait, and then remembered I’d packed my knitting in the backpack. Now I can add “cross country-skiing” to the list of situations where I’ve been happy to have my knitting.

So where do YOU take your knitting?

check out the ice-wipeout-knuckles

Our lunches were in the backpack (my seat). Emily thanked me later for turning her sandwich into a panini



  1. molivermade · March 12, 2010

    You need to knit a pair of fingerless gloves, with the lanolin left in. Fingerless gloves are great, you can knit with them on.

    • foxflat · March 22, 2010

      @molivermade: sounds like a useful thing to keep in my knitting bag! Believe it or not, I was really warm on this trip. Cross-country skiing in Ohio always meant below zero temps, but with the sunshine I was really toasty at Mt. Hood. Even sweaty!

      @nancy: Definitely could’ve used the garbage bag trick…I’ll remember to pack one next time. Seems like a versatile thing to bring anyway. 😉

  2. Nancy Kolosseus · March 11, 2010

    A flattened garbage bag works great for a “chair” and saves the sandwiches. Occasionally Andrew even shovels out a snow bench which is really comfy. Sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. foxflat · March 10, 2010

    awesome katie! i promise you that i will not be one of those people occupying her time with a phone … i will be crocheting. -bethany

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