emerging out of a several month hybernation ….. the winter makes me become a bit anti-social. TADA! the sun came out today and spring is on her way. i wanted share two baby blankets in the round that my sister, kath, just posted to our family etsy site! hooray!

they are simple and colorful. a perfect size for a new baby to cocoon in. these are just a start to what i know will become a tiny obsession in the next couple of months until i run out of colorful yarn (god forbid!). so please feel free to donate (dump) any colorful acrylic yarn you might have lying about … my yarn box is running thin.

be sure to check out the etsy site:

watch for updates … finished mixed media piece pics and ideas for a new weaving project!



  1. foxflat · March 9, 2010

    yes cornflower blue is wonderful! your hats are the bomb!
    the website is all katherine – she is really quite the sales woman.

  2. foxflat · March 9, 2010

    Welcome back Bethany!! These blankets are beautiful. I love them. You know, I’ve been meaning to pick out some blue yarn for the hat I promised you. I’m remembering that we discussed something like a cornflower color…is that right?

    Weber Craft House is also looking professional and pretty 🙂

    – katie

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