Can-struction & not just any new shoes

Last week I posted a picture of the hat I made for an inter-departmental silent auction (all proceeds going to a local food bank). Within our own office, we split into teams and each tried to build the best sculpture out of non-perishables. Have any of you done this for a food drive? It’s deceptively difficult…many scenes/items do not translate well when you imagine making them out of cans. In the 11th hour Read jokingly suggested we build a GIANT CAN out of cans. It was simple & humorous – we were in. No word yet on the winner. 

It's Oregon - have to incorporate the Ducks where possible

I also wanted to show you what came in the mail a couple weeks ago – my wedding shoes! Since the wedding is outdoors I figured I would need wedge heels. Wait…lemme back up…I know I could wear flat shoes, but I really do like heels. I just wouldn’t feel dressed up without some height. So after stalking zappos for a few evenings I found these beauties from one of my favorite shoe brands. What do you think?

Off-white fabric, stacked wood heel, gold insides (!)

Seychelles makes very pretty, but substantial, heels


I'm going to be so tall!



  1. foxflat · March 3, 2010

    I will be almost 4 inches taller. YAy! Still about 9 inches shorter than Read…

    @bonnie – I would love for Sam to at least be present that day. I have to see about flying him to Ohio. He would of course wear a bowtie.

  2. bonniehull · March 3, 2010

    great shoes…great legs…is Sam in the wedding?

  3. Sally Godard · March 1, 2010

    Sam is in AWE! Me, too. Lovely! Will you be THREE, or FOUR, inches taller? What color will your toenails be?!

  4. barefootrooster · March 1, 2010

    this photo of your wedding shoes and those paws is very sweet. and the shoes are lovely!

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