Life’s smaller questions

Lately I’ve been facing some important questions. Some revolve around planning a wedding (What will we serve for dinner? Who will officiate). The bigger ones revolve around actually getting married (What are my expectations of marriage? Where will we live? How will we handle our bank accounts?). The most recent center on Read’s pending applications to PhD programs…and getting the answers is just a waiting game. All of these pending changes are very, very exciting, but they can also be tiring.

So this weekend I took a break and distracted myself with one of life’s smaller (but still important) questions: What is the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies?

I’ve been attached to the same recipe since middle school, but mom swore she’d found a top contender and since she knows how to use the scanner (thanks Jonathan!) I was able to try it out myself. Two revisions: I used whole wheat pastry flour (lighter texture) and replaced half of the butter with shortening (chewier). Mom was RIGHT – five stars!

Chocolate Chip cookies aren't complete without french press coffee



  1. foxflat · March 8, 2010

    i will definitely be testing this one … although i will live and die by my grandmothers recipe! -bethany

  2. Sally Godard · February 23, 2010

    OMG. My mouth is watering….THIS is a keeper! Thanks, Katie.

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