The super-summarized Italy photo recap

It’s been just over a month since Read and I returned from our travels across the Atlantic. I don’t want to post about the things I knew I would see and everyone else sees (not that they aren’t spectacular. Michelangelo’s David is beautiful). But websites and guidebooks (heck, wikipedia!) are at your fingertips…I certainly wouldn’t be telling you any new or rare information. How about I show you a photo collection of the unexpected-and-delightful according to Read and Katie? 

1. Speaking of the expectedly impressive, the Sistine Chapel is quite a sight. But before you get to the grandaddy of all ceiling paintings you walk through about four miles of the Vatican and every single ceiling is elaborately decorated. Even the smaller Italian cathedrals have paintings, mosaics, and carvings over every surface. So when you go to Italy remember to look UP.

Hymn room in Sienna's duomo

hymn room in Sienna's duomo


"map room" in the Vatican

"map room" in the Vatican


ceiling in the Vatican

ceiling in the Vatican


2. I’m a fan of fonts. Granted I didn’t do so well on that font quiz that got passed around my grad class last year. But I do like them, especially handwriting fonts (rabiohead!). Ancient sites like the Colosseum have lots of carved Latin lettering that’s slightly off-kilter, crooked, and very human. Anyone else out there understand my joy over this tablet? 

tablet at the Colosseum

tablet at the Colosseum


 3. Read’s mom and stepdad helped us find a little apartment for our stay in Rome. They used, which is the same site that they use to advertise their apartment in Oregon’s wine country. Rome was my favorite vacation stop, due in part to our apartment. I loved it, and I love the vrbo site (I was just using it yesterday to find a spring break spot in the southwest). Coming home to our own little kitchen, entryway, and balcony sure beat a hostel or hotel.

apartment in Rome, near the Colosseum

apartment in Rome, near the Colosseum


4. This isn’t really something from Italy, but it’s something Read figured out while we were in Italy: in lieu of a tripod, use your 2-second timer to stabilize your camera during lowlight shots. That was old news to my photo-hobbyist uncle, and if you’re really into photography it will be old news to you too. But it helped us. We already knew to put the camera in manual mode and turn off the flash, but with such slow shutter speeds just the act of pressing the button resulted in blurred images. A 2-second delay allowed us to hold my little canon point-and-shoot very still and capture crisp images, even at night. 

the baptistry, duomo, and tower in Florence

Use your 2-second timer to stabilize lowlight shots


5. And finally, this recap would not be complete without showing you my prized souvenir from Sienna – the perfect leather boots. Because they’re not too rounded and not too pointy, with a heel that’s not too tall and not too short. And they’re leather…soft, buttery leather. I’m paranoid about subjecting them to an Oregon rainstorm so I carry them to work in my backpack and pull a little Mr. Rogers change-up once I’m in my office.

the most beautiful leather boots in Sienna




  1. Rachel · January 27, 2010

    Ha! Photography tip! Thanks Katie! Great write-up too, fun links my Friend 🙂 I got 9 out of 16 for the font quiz. Feeling pretty good about that…How amazing are your boots?? Shoot! Those are SMOKIN’.

  2. Kara · January 26, 2010

    Perfect boots! Love, love, love. Think I can get Drew to take me to Italy? 🙂

    • foxflat · January 26, 2010

      oh yes. for sure. you guys both like traveling – you should!

  3. Jess A. · January 26, 2010

    That tip about the 2 second timer is awesome!!

    And those boots are hot.

    • foxflat · January 26, 2010

      aww thanks jess 🙂

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