Moving pets out of the bed

At the start of winter I posted a picture of Sam all curled up on our bed looking cold and shivery. Sam has two epic fears: going hungry and being cold. So he eats everything in sight and burrows under all the covers at night. Only he stretches out and hogs the covers, snores, groans, and has disgusting breath. Browsing dog beds on the internet I came across a brilliant strategy for getting Sam out of our bed and into his own…a HEATED DOG BED. So I splurged and bought one. 

So far it is attracting the wrong patrons…



  1. susann · November 18, 2011

    that is too cute! love it.

  2. Tanya · January 26, 2010

    Oh that paw – what a darling picture!

  3. Kat Weber · January 23, 2010

    That is hilarious. should have known the cats were going to hog it. HA.

  4. kara · January 22, 2010

    I love it! Our cats would go nuts for one of those, too. I hope Sam gets his turn soon.

    • foxflat · January 22, 2010

      I’ve started making Sam sleep in it at night, which he grumbles about. But during the day it’s back to being just a big heated kitty holder.

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