Leftover Yarn Mittens

I struggle to find worthwhile uses for leftover yarn (cat toys anyone?). Here’s a sneak peek at my latest yarn-leftover-project: a pair of mittens that will use up wedding shawl yarn leftovers and extra Noro silk/wool sockyarn. Needles are size 1 and the pattern is my own.

I started the first mitt on a long train ride between Rome and Austria. Read and I shared a little 6-seat cabin with an Italian family, and once they started chatting back and forth in Italian I pulled out my knitting and became oblivious to all around me, UNTIL I realized I was the subject of the conversation:

Italian man gestures towards my mitten-project (insert some Italian)

Read points to me (insert more Italian)

Man asks clarifying question

Read responds


Getting teased by Read…that happens every day. Getting teased by Read in front of others also happens pretty often. Getting teased by Read in front of others in a foreign language made me blush. I was already self-conscious about being a walking breathing one-language American stereotype, so to get laughed at by the group and not know why was embarrassing. Post-joke I got the English recap from Read:

My grandmother used to knit. You don’t see anyone young these days who knows how.

Well, she is actually quite old.

What? Old?

Oh yes. I love her, but she is old. She’s (age) and I am (2 yrs. younger).




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  4. barefootrooster · January 11, 2010

    these are awesome — and not just because they were involved in an entire cabin filled with laughter. LOVE.

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