Italy-bound and counting down

In less than two weeks I will be with Read in Italy. I can’t believe it. The departure date snuck up on me and now I’m furiously trying to tie up loose ends before I’m outta here. Highlights of the list include:


1. Finish this baby sweater and its matching hat that my friend ordered from me.



2. Drive these two hooligans north to stay with Read's sister


3. Pack for 4 weeks of miscellaneous winter weather. Any advice? I've only done big trips in hot weather when the packing's easier.


4. Collect reading material for the plane ride. No no, I mean BEYOND the celebrity magazines that I'll buy at the airport.


5. Organize my ideas/inspirations for wedding invitations. My coworker's partner is going to help me design them!Right now I'm really liking the hand-drawn look of these from


6. Prepare Italy for the dynamic nerd/waiter duo that is about to take it by storm.


p.s. I couldn’t figure out how to properly link to the wedding invitations in the picture caption. So here it is. They were made by designer Erin Shang.



  1. molivermade · November 20, 2009

    For item #3…think layers. Coordinate the colors to match. Ciao

  2. bonniehull · November 20, 2009

    Give that nerd waiter a big hug and a kiss from us, and have a GREAT time Katie. xxoo Bonnie

  3. Read · November 17, 2009

    Wow… fun post, and I am very excited to see you!

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