Falling Leaves Shawl for an October wedding

This weekend my friend got married on the Oregon coast. It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful couple! They did so much of it themselves. The bride sewed her own dress and knit the groom’s vest. The maid of honor did all the flowers. The groom made their beautiful wedding arbor, and friends and family did all the food. 

the happy (cake) couple

the happy (cake) couple


About a week and a half ago I checked in with the bride on the status of her DIY wedding:

bride: I’ve been thinking that I should get a wrap or shawl or something. The coast might be too chilly for just my dress. Do you want to go shopping this weekend for one?

me: Hey, I know! I haven’t gotten you a wedding present yet. How about i KNIT you a shawl?!!

bride: Umm…I mean, that would be awesome, but are you sure you can do it on such short notice?

me: SURRRrre!

The bride picked out a silk/merino blend to complement her silk silver wedding dress, and together we chose this pattern. I’d done the falling-leaves lace pattern before and liked it. While it looks intricate enough to be called “lace,” it’s very easy to memorize the repeats. 

Even after a year in college as a studio art major, I tend to under-estimate how many hours projects will take. This wedding shawl was no exception. Friends tried to downplay their concerns about the progress of my lumpy lace…but I knew what they were thinking: “In two days THAT will be worn at a wedding?” Towards the end I got hit with a little eleventh-hour-panic myself. I considered calling the bride to say, “I know we talked about a shawl, but how do you feel about a little capelet?? Eh eh?” 

Late Friday night  I ran out of yarn and ran out of steam. I did the binding off, said a prayer, and sloshed it around in the sink. I haven’t knit that many lace patterns, so I wasn’t sure how much post-bath expansion to expect. It added more than a foot of length and about six inches of width. WHEW. 

In lieu of a blocking board, I recommend couch cushions

Falling Leaves shawl


In lieu of a blocking board, try couch cushions

In lieu of a blocking board, I used couch cushions


Testing it out for the bride

finished size = approx. 60" x 24"


Congratulations to the happy couple!



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  2. foxflat · October 29, 2009

    katie – you amaze me everytime! i have no patience for all the counting involved in such a pattern … kudos!! will you knit me something when i get married?! -bethany

    • foxflat · October 29, 2009

      of course bethany! it would be an honor
      p.s. you need to post some updated pix of that multimedia piece you were working on. i wanna see it.

  3. molivermade · October 6, 2009

    you did a beautiful job.

  4. RGM · October 5, 2009

    Wowza! That is beautiful work, creative as always. The girl donning the shawl in the last picture looks like she might be kind of cute too!

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