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spurred by our first art gallery debut at The Frank Duveneck Arts & Cultural Center … katherine got on the ball and set up an online shop for all of us (us being = amy, katherine, mom, me & sisters).

check it out WEBERCRAFTHOUSE !

the weber women are a force to be reckoned with — watch out etsy here we are!

view some beautiful pics of beaded photo albums and journals (thanks to katherine) to purchase as well as fabulously decorated platters (per my mother). soon to come will be screen printed wonderfullness by amy and my own arts & crafts! exciting …

sneak peak:


'wedding wishes' wedding album by katherine


DIY research

I didn’t necessarily plan on blogging about this, but I’m finding that my personal life is crossing paths with an exciting sub-sect of the DIY world that’s new to me. Not basic auto repair. Or silkscreening. Nope, not home renovations either (although someday I hope to try all those out). 

my ring

That’s right – we’re talking DIY wedding planning. About three weeks after he proposed Read left for Italy. That was smart on his part – he crosses the Atlantic but leaves me with the ultimate girl-project to occupy my evenings. I haven’t nailed down very much except that Samson will be coming to the wedding and he will most certainly be wearing one of these. There are a lot of wedding-themed blogs and a bazillion vendor websites out there. So far here are some of my favorites for idea-gathering:

Green Wedding Shoes: lots of real-wedding inspiration from folks with great taste. Like this couple’s barn wedding or couples who go all out with the DIY

Snippet & Ink: More real-wedding inspiration. This site encourages you to do follow through with those quirky ideas you had in your heart by showing you other couples who did. I love this invitation map. I can pull something like that off, right?

I’ve already decided that one thing I won’t DIY is my dress. I was absolutely impressed that my friend sewed her own for her wedding last month, but I feel like I wouldn’t make it through the effort with my sanity. Or my sewing confidence. Bethany – I’m going to be in Cincinnati around December 17th. Do you want to visit this dress store with me? 

Readers do you have any site/shop suggestions?

becoming well-versed in candlemaking should be a group effort

with quite a delay – craft night #2!

abby found a great, old candling making book that reeked of cigarettes. there were several options – (1) dipping (2) molds (3) carving …. candle molds won out.

val translating the mold pattern directions

val translating the mold pattern directions

putting some arm muscle into breaking up the wax for melting

putting some arm muscle into breaking up the wax for melting

foiled lined double boiler pot ... good for melting wax

foil lined double boiler pot ... good for melting wax

getting the pyramid molds together

getting the pyramid molds together

craft night always needs snacks! mmm mmm good

craft night always needs snacks! mmm mmm good

isn't that pyramid mold precious?!

isn't that pyramid mold precious?!

mold set up for liquid wax

mold set up for liquid wax

pouring the liquid wax into the mold - a two person process

pouring the liquid wax into the mold - a two person process

the initial pour into the mold resulted in a jar full of wax. after some deliberation – we decided to (a) allow the wax cool a bit and (b) reinforce the mold with some more tape to secure the seams of the mold …

the mold needed some extra reinforcement

the mold needed some extra reinforcement

YAY! it worked!


wax takes time to cool down


all cooling down


unmolding the first one!


all set up in a row

we had a blast with this project … as crafting goes with our little group. no one had worked with wax before so it was a lot of “oh this didn’t work … how can we make it work?” but with our powers combined we found hot wax to be enthralling. in the future there are several things that i will keep in mind: (1) read up on wax temperatures for different types of candles (2) purchase separate pots and utensils only for wax use! (3) always make candles with people … two people are a must for mold pouring!

i hope we provided some motivation to go find a candle book and get to it!

filled mold cooling down ...

over the rainbow

i recently had dinner with my grandparents … after a relaxing meal (complete with coffee and everyone sampling my favorite new chocolate peanut butter cookies) grandma and i scurried up to the sewing room. she had been waiting for me to visit in order to bestow upon me – oh yes! – a stash of yarn. after a little confusion in the crawl space of the attic – found it! a HUGE box of multi-colored yarn plus two more bags! yay!

you know me – i was up bright and early on saturday morning frantically sorting through skeins and skeins. standing back to survey my progress, i found out that even acrylic yarn looks beautiful all color coded and bunched together.

rainbow of acrylics!

rainbow of acrylics!

just when you thought the blanket making was over …

Freebie! Printable bookplates

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My friend Kim asked me to design a bookplate that she could print and gift to her friend’s baby. For a couple weeks I sketched a LOT of flying books and talking bunnies in my office notebook…

I’m offering the bookplates as a free download for your own personal, non-commercial use.  Just click here: Flying Paperback Bookplate  The page is designed to be printed on Avery labels #5163 (2″ x 4″).   Enjoy!

Falling Leaves Shawl for an October wedding

This weekend my friend got married on the Oregon coast. It was a beautiful setting for a beautiful couple! They did so much of it themselves. The bride sewed her own dress and knit the groom’s vest. The maid of honor did all the flowers. The groom made their beautiful wedding arbor, and friends and family did all the food. 

the happy (cake) couple

the happy (cake) couple


About a week and a half ago I checked in with the bride on the status of her DIY wedding:

bride: I’ve been thinking that I should get a wrap or shawl or something. The coast might be too chilly for just my dress. Do you want to go shopping this weekend for one?

me: Hey, I know! I haven’t gotten you a wedding present yet. How about i KNIT you a shawl?!!

bride: Umm…I mean, that would be awesome, but are you sure you can do it on such short notice?

me: SURRRrre!

The bride picked out a silk/merino blend to complement her silk silver wedding dress, and together we chose this pattern. I’d done the falling-leaves lace pattern before and liked it. While it looks intricate enough to be called “lace,” it’s very easy to memorize the repeats. 

Even after a year in college as a studio art major, I tend to under-estimate how many hours projects will take. This wedding shawl was no exception. Friends tried to downplay their concerns about the progress of my lumpy lace…but I knew what they were thinking: “In two days THAT will be worn at a wedding?” Towards the end I got hit with a little eleventh-hour-panic myself. I considered calling the bride to say, “I know we talked about a shawl, but how do you feel about a little capelet?? Eh eh?” 

Late Friday night  I ran out of yarn and ran out of steam. I did the binding off, said a prayer, and sloshed it around in the sink. I haven’t knit that many lace patterns, so I wasn’t sure how much post-bath expansion to expect. It added more than a foot of length and about six inches of width. WHEW. 

In lieu of a blocking board, I recommend couch cushions

Falling Leaves shawl


In lieu of a blocking board, try couch cushions

In lieu of a blocking board, I used couch cushions


Testing it out for the bride

finished size = approx. 60" x 24"


Congratulations to the happy couple!