Color Week – Plum

packing up

packing up

Last weekend Read packed his plum-colored suitcase for Italy, where he’ll be interning for a few months. Sam heard Read tell about the salami and cheeses of Italy and thought it was worth trying to go along. Sorry Sam. 

A stowaway!

A stowaway!



  1. Sally Godard · October 3, 2009

    Hey that’s my plum suitcase…And I miss all of you!

  2. Read · September 30, 2009

    Oooooh… I ate some salami today that Sam would have loved. Sorry buddy, wish you were here.

  3. molivermade · September 29, 2009

    Please let me know when the next color week is. I noticed it too late. By the way, how far in advance is it decided?

    • foxflat · September 30, 2009

      Sure thing! I am not sure if it’s a regular thing – I just happened to read about it on Elsie Marley’s blog and she invited people to join. I’ll let you know if I see one though!

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