I’ve been on vacation

Yup, I went home to Ohio for a week. And here’s the proof:

What is the #1 item shoppers look for in aisle 5?


Nobody likes jello like midwesterners. And nobody scorns it like pacific northwesterners. So when I saw it at the #2 spot on the Aisle 5 sign I knew I was home. 

I harbor no ill will for jello. Quite the opposite in fact. Nostalgia is a powerful force – responsible for all sorts of questionable preferences including boxed mac and cheese, fish sticks, and (oh yes) Watergate Salad. It technically uses boxed pudding, not jello, but they’re always right next to each other in the supermarket aisle. You just mix 1 box pistachio pudding, 1 can crushed pineapple (with juice), 8 oz of Cool Whip, and 2 cups mini marshmallows. Yeahhh

Bethany – you recently returned to the midwest after a stay in Texas. Do you recall anything that screamed “You are for sure, without a doubt, back in Ohio”?? Readers out there – what foods do you like, no matter what your friends’ raised eyebrows suggest?



  1. Anne · August 23, 2009

    YES! Thank you for reminding me what was missing from my life after moving away from Bryan, Ohio–PISTACHIO SALAD! I’m going to go make myself some right now and pretend I am at a graduation picnic or a sports team potluck.

    • foxflat · August 24, 2009

      Hahah I miss you Anne. I am going to make lime jello with shredded carrots and pretend we’re meeting up at the same potluck.
      – katie

  2. foxflat · August 20, 2009

    I was just trying to explain the magic of UDF to somebody the other day! It’s truly wonderful.

    And “fuzzy noodles” sounds VERY intriguing. I think you should whip up a dish and I will trade you some Watergate Salad for it. 😉

  3. Becca · August 20, 2009

    Two things come to mind and the first is the midwest’s love for mixing anything with cream of mushroom soup and calling it a cassarole. And the second is my family’s love of “fuzzy noodles”. it is a quintessential midwest side dish, not in the sense that everyone loves it (becuase i’m quite sure it is known only by the Schulze’s), but that it is egg noodles, butter, and breadcrumbs. Thats it, simple, delicious in a weird way, and horribly bad for you.

  4. Bethany · August 20, 2009

    i can’t say a specific food … but i did make a *sigh* of relief when i saw my first UDF (United Dairy Farmers) when driving into cincinnati. nobody in texas could grasp the idea of a gas station/convenient store/ice cream shop all in one. for all of you who have not experienced UDF — i’m sorry, its a good reason to visit the greater cincinnati area.

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