i found a sweet box of yarn at an estates sale last saturday!




so on with the big circle blankets… no fear of a yarn shortage in the near future!

also – an update on the blankets: i am about 2/3rds finished with one. suggestions are gladly welcome!


i've gotten o the hard part now...

i've gotten to the hard part now...


fun layers

fun layers



  1. foxflat · August 6, 2009

    I LOVE IT bethany. I’ll trade you some handspun skeins (??) for a blanket. I think some nice, wide, darker blue and purple rings would finish the one above nicely. What are you thinking?

    • foxflat · August 6, 2009

      thats a good idea for some wider rings on the outside … i was thinking the dark colors again. regarding the trade … i am definitely in! i have several you could choose from … – bethany

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