buttons & birds

winter scene painting + cigar box of buttons + a field guide to Birds

its always exciting to find treasures and transform them.

a little history: when settling into our apartment in texas, ashlae and i found a winter scene painting at the goodwill in Denton. for several years it found a home on the wall in the living room. about six months ago, after finally feeling like my last long term mixed media piece was complete…


bubble girl

bubble girl


i found myself looking for a new blank canvas. my eye landed on the winter scene. being granted permission, i cleaned a slate and painted over the scene with a white wash.

and so the canvas sat blank – propped against the wall … then smashed between a mattress and box spring on a long trip … finally in a new home re-emerging.

the box of white buttons was a estate sale discovery. walking into a home where everything was tagged for sale – books, lamps, dishes, everything but the kitchen sink (as they say) – sat a cigar box full of white buttons of all shapes and sizes!
now stashed more neatly in a set of funky vintage cans …





so the two came together!

the start

the start





combined with some beautiful cut out birds …

i love field guides!

i love field guides!


testing it out ...

testing it out ...


i’m looking forward to some dedicated nights focused on obsessive gluing!

more to come…



  1. Sam · August 18, 2009

    I really like those colorful and whispy drawings.

  2. foxflat · August 4, 2009

    i like the layers so far Bethany. What all are you going to add? How much does the original painting show through? (looks like it does some from the pictures…which I like)

    • foxflat · August 6, 2009

      thanks katie! well im not sure what’s going to be next … i don’t tend to plan too much with these projects. but i do have my eye on some little golden metal stars i have on the shelf. the original painting does show through some! i think multiple layers draw the viewer in….

  3. Emily · August 4, 2009

    wow love it… looks like mom’s addiction has spread..

    • foxflat · August 6, 2009

      yes i am just like my mother *smile* – bethany

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