Handspun “replacement hat”

I have this red hat that I found in a sale bin. It is absolutely PERFECT and somehow I’ve managed to not lose it over almost a decade of winters. Last winter there were some close calls (me ransacking the house trying to find it) and Read suggested I knit a replacement hat, “just in case, Katie.” Sigh. He’s right. When my family bought cell phones on a joint plan the salesman asked if we wanted insurance, “in case someone loses their phone.” Mom, dad, brother – they all turned as if on cue and looked at ME. 

The perfect red hat

The perfect red hat


Alright, so this brings me to the green alpaca yarn that I recently spun. I decided it would be just right for my replacement hat project. I used sz. 8 needles and did my best to copy the red hat pattern. It’s about 78 sts. around at the base, and includes a few inches of ribbing.




I traced the red hat to cut a cardboard template for blocking. 

Finished! Well...need to weave in the ends yet.

Finished! Well...need to weave in the ends yet.


Replacement Hat

Replacement Hat



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  3. Sally · July 31, 2009

    Love the hat, Katie! I really like the two colors when spun together. Now Read will need a new shirt to go with THIS hat! Sally

    • foxflat · July 31, 2009

      HA yes you’re right. That will give me something to do while he’s in Italy.

  4. foxflat · July 31, 2009

    now you can be festive in green or red on xmas! hee hee … the hat looks great! – bethany

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