circles of ver⋅i⋅si⋅mil⋅i⋅tude

while i allow all my craft ideas to simmer … i hit up my mom for an intimate interview about her most recent craft compulsion: ‘circles of verisimilitude’


vani modeling

when was this idea sparked? well last summer i worked on these small wooden platters covered with buttons- just those buttons you buy in the huge economy ‘grab-bags’ at michaels. i poured them out and sorted them by color. many people had their own opinions… my sister told me ‘did i know that people in mental institutions do similar activities’ and i agreed. my husband recognizing the truth decided to increase the size of the platters. he started bringing home the lids from large chemical vats from the factory. they are about 2′ in diameter.


'birthday celebration' close up

there seems to be a repeating pattern of using circles in your artwork, is there a reason for that? no. i got the set of circles at a garage sale and the second set of circles from my husband. all my work is based on freebies. basically. now i have my eye on some laminate samples (2″x3″) that i came upon in the basement and the circles will turn to rectangles.


the heart cans open up for small treasures

where do you get the trinkets you use to make the designs? i don’t know where i do?! junk around the house… old toys… goodwill… dollar store… people tend to give me junk. even as we sat this evening, my mother-in-law reminded me that she had emptied a baking supply cabinet and wanted to give me “the junk” (her words – not mine). thats where the word ‘verisimilitude’ (coined by my husband) comes in – for me most people’s ‘junk’ has potential.


holiday platter

what do you see the platters being used for? each platter has its own personality – their uses ranging from table tops, clocks, serving platters, and mirrors – for the time being. i’ve named them to explain their use. for example: ‘through the years clock’ – the platter has a clock in the middle where a picture can be placed at each number, so that you can chart the years of a child growing up. surrounding the clock are children’s wooden blocks, plastic alphabet and number pieces, and a variety of other children’s ‘junk’.


through the years clock

thanks mom for my resourceful heritage!



  1. molivermade · July 30, 2009

    I love the colorwheel that Vani is modeling. I don’t know if you are old enough to have seen “Top Cat” the cartoon on TV. He was a jazzy Cat…that’s what your header reminds me of. That was one of my all time favorite shows. Where do you store all your stuff. I have overflowed my alloted area.

    • foxflat · July 31, 2009

      thanks paula! my sister (vani) was really excited to be a model for it! i can say that im a little bit of a freak about organization when it comes to storing all my stuff. i have an obsession with metal file containers. but im like you – always overflowing! – bethany

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