Spinning alpaca fiber


Outta the way, cat


All week I’ve been carding and spinning the green alpaca fiber. At first I was worried it would be too furry for my liking. And there was the whole Oscar-the-Grouch-color concern. But after plying a double-yarn, soaking it, and letting it air-dry, I’ve decided it’s really nice. Light and fluffy – and the two green colors blended into something richer than their individual hues.

Flywheel and bobbin

Flywheel and bobbin


Single-ply yarn

Single-ply yarn


 I bought my Sleeping Beauty spinning wheel (yeah, that’s the real name) from a woman near Corvallis about a year ago. I’ve noticed that owning a spinning wheel somehow booted me into a higher craft-weirdo-level. Which I suppose I understand. Tell folks you knit or sew and they’re like, coolBut when they catch a glimpse of the spinning wheel in your house, expect maybe a spinster joke or a raised eyebrow. However this is usually followed by some genuine interest and friendly questions. I think it’s fun to watch the process, even for non-fiber-enthusiasts.

Finished skein

Finished skein



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  4. Kara · July 29, 2009

    I agree, Katie, this yarn is beautiful!

    • foxflat · July 30, 2009

      Thanks Kara! I’m working on knitting a hat out of it. So far so good. I’ll have pictures soon.

  5. barefootrooster · July 25, 2009

    gorgeous. i agree; these colors are perfect together. looking foward to seeing this knitted up!

    • foxflat · July 26, 2009

      Hey – nice to hear from you barefootrooster! Thanks for the encouraging words. I think I have just the project for this yarn…we’ll see.

  6. Missy · July 25, 2009

    I love the color! It’s beautiful – much better than either color separately.

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