trim to my heart’s desire

my sister amy rang me last week about a huge ‘going-out-of-business-bankruptcy’ sale  at a local fabric & upholstery store. so we met. walking into the store we passed rows of upholstery material – that would have been couches and chair cushions – now, in amy’s eyes, became purses and messenger bags. soon we found ourselves rummaging through scrap material, boxes&boxes of thread, and …. bins of trim! for $1 a spool this eclectic trim could not be passed up. throwing spools into my cart, i quickly reached my one cart limit (unfortunately these were not WALMART sized shopping carts) …  but  swore to amy that we would be back!


a portion of the trim

a portion of the trim


now as my trim sits all lined up on my craft shelves … i envision the adorable floor mats that i will crochet. because my big mama rug needs some babies of her own to accompany her on the beautiful wood floor in my new apartment in cincinnati.



big mama

big mama



  1. Abby · July 19, 2009

    Hm. I have crocheting needles. And yarn. And I need a big circular rug. But I do not know how to crochet. We will have to fix this.

    • foxflat · July 20, 2009

      we will definitely make this a craft night topic -bethany

  2. foxflat · July 13, 2009

    Sounds like craft-shopping heaven.

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