A virtual yard sale

Our neighbor Peter knows the names of nearly everybody within a two block radius. Knowing all of your neighbors is the norm in my hometown but something extraordinary in Boston. His wife has nicknamed him “The Mayor” and she gripes about how long it can take them to walk around the block in the summer since he wants to stop and chat with (as my mom would say) “everyone and their brother.”

Last week I saw Peter working on his truck in the driveway and asked whether or not he knew anything about another neighborhood yard sale this spring  (last May we picked up some real steals). Peter says he knows the woman who organized it (of course he does!) and he can ask her (sweet!). The Mayor does not disappoint.

But just in case there isn’t another sale, I’m going to post a few things on here that I came across when re-organizing for my new sewing space. If you want something, email me at foxflat (at) gmail.com. They’re free if you’re willing to pay for shipping or send me something for a trade. It’ll be fun!



1. Seven white dinner plates with a Mad-Men inspired motif of teal, navy, and aqua thing-a-ma-jigs.


2. A small lot of seed beads, wooden beads, polymer beads, and sequins.


3. A vintage pattern book and a Noro knits pattern book. I’ve photocopied what I need and am happy to spread the kitschy-and-noro love.  These have been claimed already!


4. Four women’s sewing patterns: Simplicity 2885, McCall’s vintage 6745, New Look 6643, and Simplicity 3673.


5. And a bunch of bias tape in various colors, with some lace edging thrown in for fun:


I also found the first skein of yarn I ever spun and plied. The woman who taught me to spin was adamant that I hold on to this…”no matter how ugly you think it looks!” Aww…I actually think it’s pretty cute in its chunkiness!

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