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Oregon Schupfnudel?

Last December, on a detour from our Italy trip, Read and I spent a couple days in Innsbruck, Austria. Compared to Italy it was cold, snowy, and characteristically tidy. 

Innsbruck. It was really a shame that neither one of us knows how to downhill ski...or snowboard :(

The first night we walked around Innsbruck’s Christmas street fair, which was awesome. The air was chilly, christmas music was playing, and everyone was selling hot spiced wine. We passed a popular stand selling something out of a big kettle – and on a whim we bought a bowl. OH MAN. So good. It was everything I like about German potato salad – vinegary dressing, bacon, mustard seeds – but with sauerkraut and some kind of gnocchi-like noodle. We studied everything about it in hopes that we could recreate the dish at home.

Read spent most of the next day and night stricken with food poisoning in the hostel. I stayed with him, knitting, until I got too hungry. Hedging my bets on the origins of the food poisoning, I ventured out to the street fair again and picked up a second bowl of sauerkraut-bacon goodness. You’d think it would’ve lost a little glory the second time around…not so. STILL SO GOOD.

Christmas street fair in Innsbruck

I researched the dish when I got home, but couldn’t find anything definitive. The noodles looked a lot like Halusky or Spatzle.  Another promising lead was Schupfnudel…which is often served with sauerkraut. I tried doing an entire recreation from scratch earlier this spring, but my first effort at homemade gnocchi was a disaster – globs of crumbly potato falling apart in the boiling water. I ended up frying the globs instead of boiling them, which was tasty but too oily and rich. It was one of my more memorable recipe failures. 

Last weekend I saw some pre-packaged gnocchi at the grocery and decided to give this whole Austrian-street-fare another go. You know what? We got pretty darn close. It was really good. I added some kale, just to give it some color and an extra helping of veggies. We sat on the porch, drank wine, and played with the cats. 

Oregon Schupfnudel?


Bring a large pot of water to boil, and cook the gnocchi according to package instructions. Drain and put back in the pot. Cook 5-6 strips of bacon in an iron skillet. Set aside. Pour out the grease, saving a couple tablespoons in the skillet. Brown 1 chopped onion and 2 teaspoons mustard seeds in the grease, and add 1/2 bunch of chopped kale or greens. Stir until wilted, but still green. Scrape the onion/kale mixture in with the gnocchi, and add pieces of bacon and about 2 cups of sauerkraut (maybe less…I really love kraut).

Jungle Cats

Read called this "Teddy's senior portrait"

Summer Solstice

One night last week the western sky was still dusky pink when Read and I went to bed. When I was little, I pouted about being sent to bed in summer when it was still light out. Funny how we voluntarily do things as adults that we fought against as kids. 

How have you been spending these extra long summer days? Here’s some photos of what’s been happening over here…

The roommate adopted a 2 year old golden retriever (here he is after a run-through with the Furminator comb). As I write this, Sam is under the bed covers, growling at the retriever and his goofy, panting efforts to climb into bed for a group cuddle.


I spent a long weekend in NYC with my highschool friends. It was so much fun, and the time change helped me stay up late and sleep in...very exciting for someone who's known as the one who falls asleep at parties in a corner chair. Here we are walking around Brooklyn at sunset.


I keep plugging away at this blue lace hat. It's too big for the fitted cap I imagined, so I'm going to try and make it a loose beret-type thing. More to come.


On Saturday Sam and I took a hike with friends at Brice Creek. The water is crystal clear straight to the bottom. We passed a couple swimming holes with real potential...I took notes.


A dignified and regal Sam, posing at Brice Creek. Tango the little poodle looks impressed, yes?

Memorial Day Weekend in Sisters

For Memorial Day Weekend we went to visit Read’s aunt and uncle in Sisters, Oregon. I remember driving through Sisters heading the opposite direction when I moved to Eugene.  It’s where my Dad got a reminder that in Oregon, you can’t pump your own gas (“Sir…SIR! Step AWAY from your car!!”). I also recall a lot of quaint, wild-west-themed lettering on the storefronts, which I was happy to see is still the case. We took a walk downtown on Saturday and passed one of Read’s favorite childhood landmarks: Sno Cap ice cream.

Sno Cap in Sisters, Oregon

Read’s aunt and uncle live at the end of a couple miles of red cinder gravel. They have a spectacular view of the 3 Sisters mountains. I did a lot of knitting and we all did a lot of talking, cooking, and coffee-drinking…everything you need for a relaxing weekend. 

On Sunday it rained. Read took this picture out the kitchen window. 

Sisters, Oregon

I’m going to use this picture to illustrate something I figured out today…and wish I’d figured out much earlier. I’d noticed that my photos were sometimes blurry or fuzzy on this blog. They look fine on my camera, in iphoto, etc. but…wordpress wasn’t preserving that crispness through the uploading process. 

I should have troubleshooted this earlier, but for some reason just got around to it today. It’s what I suspected — photos need to be resized in a photo-editing program before uploading them to WordPress. The automatic resizing that WordPress does for you doesn’t always preserve the photo’s quality like you want it to. 

Since I don’t have Photoshop, I finally joined Flickr. You can grab URLs from various sized versions of your photos and upload them that way. The “medium” sized photo is 500 pixels wide…which seems to be working well in WordPress. Now I want to retroactively fix all of my photos on here. 

For comparision, here’s the same photo uploaded the “old” way…where I relied on WordPress to automatically resize my original photo file. It’s just not as good.

Same photo, different uploading method